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Turtleneck Sweaters & Pullovers

This classic women's turtleneck sweater of 100% silk has a fine-ribbed banded bottom and cuffs.  Its light weight and silky smooth feel allow it to drape nicely, so it is never clingy.  It is one of our costumers' favorite turtleneck sweaters because of its great comfort, flattering shape and high quality; a must-have basic sweater for the fall and winter seasons.  Handwash cold & lay flat to dry or dry clean. Available sizes range from XS (4) to XL (16).

Available in 17 beautiful colors: Banana, Beige, Candy Pink, F.Vanilla, Green Leaf, Hot Pink, Jade, Mink, Olive, Peri, Pink, Red, Royal, Salmon, Sky, Turquoise, and White.

Women's Classic Flat Knit 100% Silk Turtleneck Sweater Long Sleeves w/ Banded Bottom & Cuffs
Original:$105 Now:$89
Composition's silk spandex turtleneck long sleeve sweater is made in a full-needle knit, so that it is stretchable, easy-care and easy-fit.  Its subtle waist and straight bottom gives a classic luxurious look.  Regular length.  Hand-wash cold and lay flat to dry, or dry clean. Press the sweater with steam to maintain silky touch.

Available in 20 beautiful colors: Banana, Brown, Candy Pink, Cranberry, Eggplant, F.Vanilla, Green Leaf, Hot Pink, Olive, Peri, Pink, Poppy, Red, Royal, Salmon, Sky, Strawberry, Sunflower, Turquoise and White.

Display Picture Color: SKY
Ladies' Silk Spandex Turtleneck Long Sleeve Sweater Full-needle Knit
Original:$89 Now:$69
This women's 100% silk turtlneck long sleeve sweater is an elegant pullover made in a delicate baby cable pattern. You'll want to wear our comfortable top all the time. This turtleneck sweater is finely ribbed at its banded bottom and has sleeve cuffs providing a classic look.  Available in sizes XS(4) to XL(16). Dry clean or hand wash cold and lay flat to dry.  Steam to maintain silkiness.

Available in 18 colors: Banana, Beige, Black, Candy Pink, Chocolate, Crystal Pink, Cranberry, Vanilla, Green Leaf, Navy, Pink, Poppy, Red, Royal Blue, Sky, Strawberry, Turquoise and White.

Display Picture Color: GREEN LEAF
Women's 100% Silk Baby Cable Turtleneck Long Sleeve Knit Sweater
Original:$139 Now:$89
Composition's 100% silk medium-cable knit turtleneck long sleeve sweater is an easy-fit and flattering top. More than a dozen colors available in stock. One of our customer's favorite knit pullovers, this sweater is a must-have for the fall and winter seasons. Available in sizes S(6) to Plus Size 1X(16W-18W). Dry clean or hand wash cold and lay flat to dry. Steam to maintain silkiness.

Available in 11 colors: Banana, Beige, Blue, Chocolate, Coral, Green, Ocean, Pink, Red, Silver and Turquoise.

Display Picture Color: BANANA
Women's 100% Silk Medium-cable Knit Turtleneck Long Sleeve Sweater
Original:$106 Now:$89
This women's 100% silk turtleneck long sleeve knit jersey is a classic style.  The silk jersey top's light weight and silky smooth touch provides comfort and a luxurious look.  Our silk jersey pullover is a must-have for professional women.

Available in 15 colors: Aqua, Banana, Beige, Black, Bone, Chambray, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Cream, Hot Pink, Peacock, Peri, Pink, Poppy and Silver Gray.

Display Picture Color: CHOCOLATE
Women's Silk/Cottom Knit Turtleneck Long Sleeve Jersey Tee
Original:$79 Now:$59
Our silk spandex turtleneck long sleeve sweater is made in smooth plain flat knit. This sweater works wonderfully as a high quality layering piece. You will love this turtleneck sweater for its easy-fit, comfort and luxurious look. This style has sizes S(6) to big size XL(16-18) in stock.

Available in 6 colors: Eggplant, Pink, Red, Salmon, Vanilla, and White. 

Display Picture Color: EGGPLANT
Ladies' Silk Spandex Turtleneck Long Sleeve Sweater in Flat Knit
Original:$98 Now:$78
This ladies 100% silk turtleneck sweater long sleeve is made in fine gauge full-needle knit. The silk pullover top has a natural stretch so it provides comfort and easy movement and it works well with suits, jackets, and blazers. This turtleneck sweater is our customers favorite fine knit top for the fall and winter seasons. It is great for work, travel and leisure wear; a luxurious basic silk sweater to you'll love for years. The ladies turtleneck is offered in sizes from S (6) to women's plus size 1X(16W-18W). 

Easy-fit & easy-care; Good draping & good hand-feel; Hand-wash cold and lay flat to dry or dry clean for long lasting care.

6 beautiful colors: Banana, Navy, Pink, Red, Royal and Sky.
More silk turtleneck sweaters are pictured below for your selections.

Ladies 100% Silk Turtleneck Sweater Long Sleeve in Full-Needle Knit. Sizes S - Plus Size 1X (16W)
Original:$98 Now:$76
Ladies 100% turtleneck long sleeve sweater in finely chime-cable pattern with narrow ribbed banded bottom and cuffs. The long sleeve delicate cable pattern is so delicate that it can work well not only with smooth blazers and jackets, but also work nicely with textured blazers and jackets.

Mid hip length. 4 beautiful colors available: Black, Red, Sun, and Vanilla.

Hand wash cold and lay flat to dry.  Then, steam or pressed by steam to achieve the original silky luxurious look and feel.  Or dry clean for long lasting result.
Ladies Silk Turtleneck Long Sleeve Sweater in Finely Chime-Cable Pattern with Ribbed Banded Bottom
Original:$108 Now:$87
This 100% silk jacquard turtleneck sweater in long sleeve is made in a fine 14 gauge double flat-face knit. It is in a large-fine-line argyle pattern. Our turtleneck sweater is incredibly soft, tightly knitted, and drapes nicely. Dry clean, or hand-wash in cold water and press w/ steam to maintain its silky touch. 

Available in 5 beautiful colors: Black/Red, Brown/Camel, Camel/Ivory, Cranberry/Black, and Red/Black.

100% Silk Turtleneck Sweater Long Sleeve in Jacquard Argyle Pattern. Sizes S(6) - XL (16-18)
Original:$145 Now:$114
Our women's silk/cashmere turtleneck sweater is a classic top with its jacquard diamond argyle pattern and its narrow ribbed banded bottom and cuffs. This top is made of 85% silk and 15% cashmere, providing a soft touch, nice draping, and a luxurious look.  This turtleneck sweater is a precious fine knit sweater to enjoy in the fall and winter seasons.  Dry clean or hand-wash in cold water and lay flat to dry.  Then press with steam to enhance soft texture. Sizes range from S(6) to XL(16-18).

Available in 2 colors: Black/Red & Red/Camel

Display Picture Color: RED/CAMEL
Women's Silk Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater Long Sleeve w/ Jacquard Diamond Argyle Pattern
Original:$145 Now:$118

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Our turtleneck tops are made from silk, cotton, cashmere blends. These pullover sweaters are made in argyle, diamond, mini-houndstooth, baby cable, medium cable, and many more styles. Sizes offered range from XS(4) to plus size 1X (16W-18W).

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